By experimenting with performance, dance and moving image, Theodor became a visual construction of a romanticised, fictional environment where the ephemeral, hypersensitive human existence, the vast timeline of planet Earth, astronomical objects, surfaces and materials come in close encounter.

In collaboration with contemporary dancer and performance artist Nauen Park, we are in search of an imaginary space where both the euphoric beauty and danger of the sublime are evenly present. Where in the lust of discovery, the state of the human body can experience wonder and death at the same time, while gradually losing the sense of space, time and substance to disappear slowly into the infinite void of the outer space.

A common soft spot with Képzelt Város for celestial phenomena aesthetics strengthened by scientific observations, as well as reckless early space experiments, the heroic age of romantic exploration, Andrei Tarkovsky, utopian and dystopian concepts, moreover some drunk talks with young future astronomers about the crazy universe full of odd planets overall shaped the video.

Budapest screening